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InVivo BioTech Services GmbH is one of the leading contract manufacturing organizations in Europe, with more 20 years of experience in mammalian cell culture and protein production.

InVivo offers monoclonal antibody production from hybridoma cell lines exclusively under serum-free conditions using the proprietary ISF-1 medium. Moreover, a set of additional services such as hybridoma development, antibody labelling, antibody sequencing and cell banking are provided.

InVivo’s service portfolio also includes the production of recombinant antibodies and proteins from various different expression systems, including mammalian cells (HEK or CHO) and bacterial cells. This allows us to offer a suitable expression system for each specific customer project.

Smaller peptides and proteins without posttranslational modifications, are usually expressed in E. coli, which allows a shorter timeline from cloning to protein recovery, inexpensive production process, high protein yields and a very flexible production scale that can be adjusted to your project needs

Native proteins that require posttranslational modifications are rather producted in mammalian cells. For medium scale productions we offer transient gene expression in HEK, using our proprietary and highly optimized platform InVEST.
For projects that require larger protein quantities (e.g. for IVD kit manufacturing), we offer production from stable CHO cells. Depending on your needs, we either produce directly from high-yielding stable CHO cell pools or continue with the develop a stable CHO cell line to guarantee highest protein yields for long-term productions..

Our goal is to create lasting relationships by providing outstanding services and highly customized solutions to every client`s needs. As ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company, we always aim for the highest quality standard. Our experience in downstream processing and protein purification together with a thorough quality control, will ensure that you get exactly the product you’re looking for.


Dr. Julia Knospe
Sales & Customer Service
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